When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Oct 09, 2018

At One Brilliant Dental we are dedicated to protecting and preserving our patient’s smiles. However, situations do arise when a tooth extraction in Katy might be the best treatment option for a patient’s smile and overall health. Prior to any tooth extractions in Katy, TX we make sure to provide the proper diagnostic testing to ensure the best decision possible is being made, we never suggest any treatment options that our patients do not absolutely need. Wondering if a tooth extraction may be the right option for you and your smile? Schedule your consultation today. We’d be more than happy to determine the best dental care for your unique situation. Wondering in what situations a tooth extraction may be required? Follow along!


Did you know that an infection in your mouth can actually advance and become fatal? When patients neglect their oral health, decay, disease, and infection become common, however as a patient continues to ignore these problems, they complications can become severe. Sepsis (an infection of the blood) occurs when infections go left untreated and are allowed to advance and spread throughout the body. Removing an affected tooth can reduce a patient’s risk of advanced infections such as sepsis.


Untreated decay, disease, damage, and even infection can also result in severe pain for patients, often due to the tooth root/pulp becoming inflamed and/or infected. Although root canal therapy can sometimes be useful, there are situations where a tooth extraction may provide quicker and more effective pain relief.


Certain untreated conditions and even traumatic dental injuries can often result in severe damage to teeth. When teeth are structurally compromised, there is often very little a dentist can do to restore the tooth. In these situations, extracting the affected tooth and replacing it with a prosthetic may be the best option for the health and function of the patient’s entire smile.

Following a tooth extraction, it is recommended to replace the affected tooth. Neglecting to do so can result in additional complications such as tooth shifting, misalignment, and even loss.

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