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The Often Overlooked Wonderful Benefits of Dentures

Are you excited about replacing the missing teeth in your mouth? You probably think about the expenditure and the discomfort you may experience with false teeth in place of your natural teeth. However, if you make an attempt to discover the wonderful benefits of full and partial dentures you may be relieved because you would have found a unique method to address your tooth loss situation.

If you are still trying to become familiar with treatments like dentures we encourage you to learn more about the benefits because they may surprise you to no end.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth that are designed to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. It does not matter whether you are missing a few teeth or have lost all your teeth because you can have dentures to replace them. The look and feel similar to your natural teeth and have proven to be a popular alternative for missing teeth for quite some time. They are a set of false teeth attached to a plastic or metal plate to fit inside your mouth.

What Has Caused Your Tooth Loss?

You may have lost your teeth because of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and accident or injury and may feel it is not a major concern but must remember thereafter long-term consequences of losing teeth.

Tooth loss causes the remaining teeth to shift out of their normal position to become misaligned. The teeth located close to any gaps created by the missing teeth begin to sag inwards and cause problems with biting and chewing. Another consequence of this problem is that your teeth provide shape and tone to your cheeks and the tooth loss will make them appear sunken to make you look older. Your jaw begins to lose bone density because of the missing teeth. This is because the roots of your teeth help to maintain the bone tissue as part of the renewal process. The process involves essential nutrients that travel via the root canals to help the stimulation of bone growth. Unfortunately, if you have a gap where a tooth existed this process fails to take place and results in bone atrophy. The bone begins to shrink rather than grow because of the lack of vital nutrients in the area. It is the reason why it is important for you to seek treatment from Katy dentures as soon as possible.

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Are Dentures the Only Option Available to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implants can help you if you have just a couple of teeth missing. These are tiny titanium posts that act as a tooth root and are inserted into your jaw. Once inserted they integrate with the jawbone allowing the dentist in Katy to fix an abutment and a replacement tooth to it. However, if you are considering dentures you can find two types of dentures from dentures in Katy. These are:

Full or complete dentures where false teeth are designed to replace all the missing teeth in both your upper and lower jaw. This is the traditional type of denture designed to be worn a month after all the teeth are extracted. Another type of denture is the immediate variety that replaces the missing teeth right away but will require adjustments later on.

You can opt for partial dentures to fill in the gaps left by a few missing teeth. Here again, you can find two types that are fixed and removable.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

  • They can be removed — are you aware that full and partial dentures can both be removed? If you dislike the thought of having a permanent fixture device in your mouth the freedom of wearing dentures or removing them according to your preference will be a benefit.
  • Lightweight and natural — present-day dentures are not like their older counterparts and are made from lightweight material with a natural appearance. They will make your smile look beautiful.
  • Support for facial features — they can provide support to your facial features by preventing the side effects of missing teeth and sagging cheeks.
  • Cost-effective — denture placement can be considered as a cost-effective option when compared to other methods such as dental implants or bridges.
  • They benefit your smile — replacing your teeth with dentures can give you a beautiful smile to boost your self-confidence.

Dentures are great tooth-replacement choices because they can substitute all or most of your missing teeth. If you have further queries about dentures you must contact dentures dentist near you in Katy, TX, to understand how you can receive them to improve your smile.

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