Traditional Braces in Katy, TX

Adults and children have various options available to them in dentistry. When it comes to orthodontic care, traditional braces are an option that can increase oral health and move teeth into proper alignment permanently. At One Brilliant Dental, we provide patients with braces that can transform their smile and increase confidence in their teeth. You can speak with one of our professionals to learn more about braces near you.

Advantages of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are a great option for patients that want their teeth to be realigned permanently or suffer from other orthodontic issues. They’re highly effective and cost less than clear aligners and other options for orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist will be able to control your treatment the entire way, moving the teeth a small amount over time until they’ve reached their optimum alignment.

While traditional braces used to cause embarrassment, modern braces have advanced and they are no longer big and bulky. They can be customized to include your favorite color, making them more stylish and giving you control over your appearance while undergoing treatment. You won’t have to worry about missing aligners either – braces stay in place, so you just have to keep your teeth clean and continue with your life while your teeth are gently moved into place.

How to Take Care of Braces

Braces are a big commitment, but the reward is worth it. To make treatment faster and more effective, you should take care of your braces as best as possible.

Avoid Certain Foods

Certain foods should be avoided, as they could prolong treatment or cause damage to your braces. Chewy foods as well as sweets or crunchy foods should be limited or eliminated completely. Care must be taken when eating certain fruits and vegetables.

Brush & Floss

Brushing and flossing is extremely important with braces, as there are more places for food to hide and cause decay to develop. Floss carefully and brush teeth properly to avoid further oral health issues like decay or gum disease.

Visit Your Dentist

Your One Brilliant Dental professional can give you even more information on keeping your braces clean as well as how to improve your oral health when you schedule an appointment.