Snap-On Smile (Clip-on Veneers)  in Katy, TX

When it comes to getting a great smile there are many different methods to go about it. The first way a patient can get a great smile is by bleaching their teeth. Another way is with permanent veneers. There is dental bonding as well. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, these are the solutions that require a decent amount of time and expense. One of the best ways to get a bright white smile without the expense and the time is with clip-on veneers – better known as a snap-on smile. The snap-on smile is available at One Brilliant Dental. Our team of cosmetic dentists will get you the device needed to show off that million-dollar grin.

There are lots of benefits to getting clip-on veneers as opposed to more permanent solutions. One of the problems with permanent veneers is that teeth need to be filed down to have an even placement in the mouth. Permanent veneers are also quite costly and require a bit of a time investment. The other problem is they cover the tooth, so if there are problems then the veneer has to come off for the underlying tooth to be treated. With clip-on veneers, none of these issues exist. Instead, folks can just take their veneers and pop them in their mouth before they go about the day.

The process for getting clip-on veneers is actually quite simple. There are several companies that make these appliances, and the best part is that they’re customized to work on your teeth. The first thing that needs to be done is to have an impression taken. The dentist will take the impression and then send the impression for the company to make the veneers. They’ll come back and all you need to do is pop them on your teeth and go about your day. Some of these veneers may not be good to eat with, so be careful with what you eat. The best practice is to put the veneers in their case or napkin while you are munching.

Getting a great smile is easier than ever thanks to the clip-on veneers. Don’t wait to get the smile you deserve. Give us a call today and we will get the process started for your new smile.