Root Canal Therapy in Katy, TX

Root Canal Therapy Near You

The root canal is located deep inside the tooth. It is a small channel that provides the tooth with nutrients. Dental cavities damage the exterior of the tooth, but if they are allowed to worsen, or if there is an injury to the tooth, the interior of the tooth may be threatened. The experience can be painful and you may even lose the tooth. Fortunately, we offer the solution at OneBrilliant Dental. The procedure to save a tooth and restore its health when decay has reached the pulp is called a root canal. Many people feel anxiety towards this procedure, but the truth is, thanks to modern dental advances and technology, root canals are relatively pain-free.

To perform the procedure, x-rays will be taken of the teeth to show the tooth roots and the surrounding bone. An anesthetic is administered to the site and surrounding areas to minimize pain and discomfort. The affected tooth will be isolated using a sheet of latex rubber called a dental dam; this will keep it dry and clean throughout the procedure, protecting it from possible viruses and bacteria. A hole will be created at the top of the tooth in order to access the inside. The pulp will then be removed, along with any other decay that is present. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned, reshaped, and filled with a biocompatible material to restore its structural integrity. The tooth will be sealed and, usually, covered with a crown.

Besides relieving pain, the benefits of a root canal include preserving the integrity of the tooth and preventing an abscess from forming.