Oral Surgery: Wisdom Teeth in Katy, TX

Your teeth may need to be removed at some point or another. Wisdom teeth are often removed due to their negative impact on the patient’s comfort or oral health. They can cause teeth to become crowded, harder to clean, or become infected. One Brilliant Dental performed oral surgery for patients in order to make sure teeth are pristine and healthy.

Sedation & Local Anesthetic

In order to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure your dentist will offer you several options for sedation when a surgical extraction of teeth is required. You could choose from nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or IV sedation depending on the level of sedation you would prefer. Once you’re comfortable, the area will be numbed so that you feel no pain while the tooth is being extracted.

Removal of Tissues & Bone

After you have been properly sedated and the area has been numbed, the surgery will begin by your dental professional removing any tissues that are covering the wisdom tooth. If the tooth is impacted or has not erupted through the gums, an incision will be made so that the tooth can be accessed. Sometimes, the tooth will be covered by bone. When this occurs, the bone will need to be removed as well as the tissues.

Removal of the Wisdom Tooth

When the tooth is visible to your dentist, it will either be loosened or cut into sections so that it can be removed. Whether the tooth is impacted or has erupted, it may still need to be cut into sections in order to be removed completely from the gums. Once the tooth has been loosened enough, or when it has been cut into sections, the dentist will remove it using specially designed surgical instruments.

Closure & Recovery

After the tooth has been removed, the dentist will likely stitch the area so that the incision is closed. This can be necessary when a wisdom tooth was impacted or if they will help with the healing process. Your One Brilliant Dental dentist near you can provide you with detailed instructions for caring for your mouth after surgery and keeping teeth healthy.