NewSmile Digital Smile Makeover in Katy, TX

Have you been wishing that your smile looked different? Every day, thousands of dental patients wake up and wish that their smile looked more beautiful. No matter what your issue is, One Brilliant Dental can provide you with a way to get the smile you’ve always wanted – digital smile makeovers. The new smile digital smile makeover is revolutionary, using advanced technology to help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. If you are worried about issues like discoloration, chips, cracks, misalignment, or gaps, you can schedule an appointment with our office to speak with a dentist near you about improving the appearance of your smile.

How the Process Works

Your dentist will scan the mouth and take detailed photos of your teeth, smile, mouth, and your face. You may also be recorded speaking and moving your mouth so that your jaw function can be assessed. This information helps the digital software analyze your smile and generate a customized treatment plan. You can discuss the results with your dentist, which is the best time to come up with a treatment plan for your smile makeover. If you have any specific concerns or questions, speak with your dentist to get more information and learn about your options for transforming your smile.

The Benefits of a Digital Smile Makeover

The data that is collected by our technology enables us to create a beautiful smile for patients. It gives our dental team more insight into your oral health as well as what dental treatments should be suggested. Patients will also get a better understanding of their smiles and their oral health, allowing them to make informed decisions about their smiles. Our goal is to give every patient the smile they desire, so speak with us if you need more information or would like to ask any questions.

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Don’t hesitate to go after the smile you’ve dreamed of – call our office to schedule an appointment today. We have a highly trained dental team along with advanced technology that allows us to get to the root of any dental problems and provide treatment as well as transformations.