In-Office Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX

Teeth Whitening Near You

There are many options available to get a brilliant, whiter smile, but nothing compares to a whitening treatment at a dentist’s office. Our in-office teeth whitening procedure is fast, safe, and produces results that you can’t get with any other method.

In the controlled environment of our office, our dental professionals use a compound that is much stronger and effective than drugstore products, allowing you to see results immediately. A teeth cleaning is recommended before starting a tooth whitening procedure, as it produces better results. Once the teeth have been cleaned, the lips and gums will be covered to leave the teeth exposed. The whitening gel (which uses hydrogen peroxide) is then applied to the teeth and left for a short period of time. A special light is used on the teeth to help the gel penetrate the teeth and break up stains. This process will be repeated twice more to complete the procedure. A fluoride paste-gel can be applied before the end of the appointment to reduce sensitivity.

To make the results of a teeth whitening procedure last as long as possible, it’s recommended that certain foods and drinks be avoided. Coffee, tea, and red wine are the biggest culprits in teeth-staining, as well as darkly colored foods such as berries.