Root Canal Treatment – The Tooth Saving Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – The Tooth Saving Treatment

Jan 01, 2020

The majority of people avoid dental problems. Leniency in oral hygiene routine starts with plaque but ends with tooth decay. The beginning is pain-free but the end is emotionally and physically painful. Cracked, chipped, and broken teeth also serve as a gateway for contaminant attack. Bacteria enter the teeth and the decay begins.

It is better to stay updated about your oral hygiene before it gets serious. This decay can penetrate the gums. It is more painful. The cure for all the decay is hurting as well. The symptoms are not visible at the start but once they appear, they lead to the root canal treatment. Search for root canal therapy in Katy, TX immediately if the pain does not go away easily.

What is a Root Canal Therapy

A dying tooth can be saved by a special cleaning method, which is called the root canal therapy. There are different layers of the teeth. The infection spreads in the innermost layer where the pulp of the tooth resides. The pulp is infected which needs to be extracted before it reaches the gums and nerves. Spreading the infection in gums is the last stage. You can save your teeth before this phase.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal Therapy?

This therapy has different reasons to be performed. You should know all of them so that making a decision is easier for you. The four major reasons have been stated below for your convenience.

Infection, which spreads and reaches the outer layers of the tooth, can be a cause. You may have a cracked or chipped tooth, which is serving as the gateway for bacteria and other dirt particles to invade. Infection can also be a result of previously performed treatments like fillings.  Any trauma also causes infectious agents to attack the pulp leading to RCT.

How to Identify the Need of Root Canal Treatment

You can identify the need for root canal treatment from some symptoms. The major symptoms of RCT are given here. Do not consider every dental pain an alarm of RCT. The pain, which is unbearable, and painkillers have become useless, visit the dentist in Katy, TX.

Pain along with sensitivity is most alarming. This could be the first symptom that you face. Be careful about it. Sensitivity is the result of damaged receptors. The receptors in your teeth are damaged through infections.

Discolored teeth are the later symptoms. Your teeth get darker with time. Your gums around the infected tooth will have small and dark bumps. The gums will swell. This is among the final symptoms that you need root canal therapy.

Process of Root Canal

The name of this treatment scares almost everyone. The pain is troublesome for people. The therapy does hurt but the results are remarkable. The steps involved in this treatment are as follows:

The dentist will first take an x-ray of your teeth to be strictly specific with this sensitive treatment. Your dentist will know which tooth requires the treatment. After a clear view of your denture the treatment will be easier.

After the x-ray, the infected area will be anesthetized. Dentists will use local anesthesia to numb the site of action. The injection will be accompanied by pinchy pain. You would not feel anything after that.

The process starts at this step. A hole will be constructed in the tooth. All the infected pulp will be scratched. This is the main step to focus on.

After removing the pulp, the hole will be rinsed for better cleaning. Before any other bacteria attacks, an antibacterial rinse is used on the tooth.

Completion of cleaning leads to the filling phase. The hole is temporarily covered with a crown and a permanent crown is sent to the laboratory for preparation. You will have a second appointment scheduled for placing the permanent crown.

Root canal therapy requires a lot of care. You have to follow a strict dental hygiene routine. Avoid chewing and focus on liquids for the first few days after the therapy. The dentists at our clinic will make sure you get the perfect treatment. Our dentists make sure the patient is comfortable first. An anxiety-free and less painful treatment is provided. Visit us now.