Orthodontic Treatment 101: All You Need to Know

Orthodontic Treatment 101: All You Need to Know

Nov 11, 2020

Many people are not confident with their smiles because of crooked and misaligned teeth. Fortunately, with modern dental treatments, you can have your teeth aligned and repositioned. We offer orthodontic treatment in Katy, TX, to help people like you restore their smile and regain their confidence.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves a procedure designed to reposition and straighten your teeth. An orthodontist gives the treatment. These dentists have gone through a two-year specialized training to learn about correcting bites and repositioning the teeth.

Who Should Have an Orthodontist Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is recommended for people who have crooked and oddly shaped teeth. Although the recommended time to start orthodontic treatment is at 12 years, adults can benefit too.

The treatment may, however, take longer in adults than children because the jaw has attained maturity. However, working with our dentist in Katy, TX, you can get your teeth straightened too.

What Does the Orthodontic Treatment Involve?

Orthodontic treatment in Katy is done in phases, depending on the type of device you choose. The first step starts with an evaluation and choosing the type of brace that will be suitable. At One Brilliant of Katy, we offer both the traditional braces and Invisalign®. Both of these braces can straighten the teeth. But, the type used will be determined by the severity of your malocclusion.

Invisalign is mostly used for mild to moderate orthodontic problems. The traditional braces, however, are used to correct a severe malocclusion.

Invisalign are clear braces made of thermoplastic material while the traditional braces are made of metals.

1.  Planning and diagnosis

On your first dental visit, the dentist will examine your teeth and jaw and discuss the braces’ right type. Next, she will create a plan for your treatment. With modern technology, the dentist can show you the desired results and your teeth’ appearance after the treatment is done.

2. The treatment phase

Invisalign and traditional braces follow a different treatment process. Traditional braces are fixed, and the wires are placed on top of the teeth. Because of this, you will need to visit the dentist often to have them readjusted.

Invisalign clear braces are removable and should be worn every 22 hours. At the beginning of the treatment, the dentist will give a series of braces, which need changing every 14 days.

Although Invisalign is effective and doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle, you need to have the discipline to keep braces in good condition.

The treatment length will also differ, but on average, it can last for two years.

3. Retention phase

After the treatment is done, the dentist will give you a retainer. The retainer helps to maintain the position of the teeth. It is important to wear these devices as instructed by the dentist to keep the teeth from reverting.

How to Maintain Proper Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Hygiene is paramount when wearing braces, especially Invisalign.

  • Clean your teeth and the clear braces every day. The traditional braces tend to trap food in between the wires. If you fail to clean out the food particles, they will attract bacteria and probably lead to decay.
  • Rinse out your Invisalign braces before putting them back.
  • Always keep these braces moist by storing them in water to prevent cracking.
  • Avoid eating sticky and chewy foods to prevent them from sticking on the wires. Also, if you are wearing Invisalign, ensure you remove them when eating.
  • Wear mouthguards when playing contact sports or if you tend to grind and clench your teeth.

Benefits of Getting Orthodontic Treatment

Apart from improving your smile, orthodontic treatment gives proper alignment, which in turn will protect your jaw.

Also, when it comes to children, orthodontic treatment helps to guide the teeth and jaw development. This helps to prevent crooked teeth and other orthodontic problems later.

Besides teeth alignment, orthodontic treatment can treat stress on the jaws and the supporting bone. This condition causes headaches and facial pain.

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Straight and teeth with normal shapes are easy to clean and maintain, which will reduce the risk of decay. Therefore, visit One Brilliant Dental for orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned or crooked teeth.