Dental Bridges and Implants – How Are They Different?

Dental Bridges and Implants – How Are They Different?

Jun 16, 2019

Issues such as tooth loss, irregular dental appearance and deviation in tooth structure can be a real problem for many. In recent years, dentistry has come as a real miracle which helps eliminate all such issues. Effective dental treatments have come a long way from decades to offer solutions for common tooth issues.

Dentist at 77450 brings better dental treatments such as bridge, dental implant and dentures. These are advanced, comfortable and natural looking solutions which may be obtained to restore functions and appearance of teeth.

Choosing the right solution for you

Every patient may have different and unique needs. Not all dental treatments can work alike for every patient and thus it is necessary to choose the right dental solution for each individual. To choose the right dental solution for you, you can obtain help from search Katy dentist near me.

Dental Implants

Implants are advanced dental solutions that can effectively restore the function of the tooth. Made up of artificial titanium tooth root, it is placed over the jaw to ensure a stable base. It is surgically placed so that the right strength can be gained for a tooth.

Dentist in Katy Tx helps obtain healthiest replacement solution with a dental implant. This acts as an artificial root that can correct issues of the missing tooth. This further helps prevent deterioration of the bone under the jaw. This is a perfect solution in case of tooth loss.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed bridge acts well in case of missing tooth. This is a dental prosthetic which can fill the open space that exists between the missing teeth. A general looking dental bridge is made up of three pieces, this consist of an artificial root known as Pontic surrounded by two crowns on either side.

This is attached to anchor site and thus it is important to alter the structure of anchor teeth before adding bridges to it. It acts as the best solution for missing tooth. If required people with tooth loss can also obtain Porcelain Bridges in Katy, TX.