Are Your Gums Bleeding When You Brush? Time to Schedule a Checkup!

Are Your Gums Bleeding When You Brush? Time to Schedule a Checkup!

Feb 06, 2019

Does your gum bleed while brushing? Have you been experiencing bleeding since long? Are your gums red, irritated, and swollen? Are you facing issues such as bad breath which refuses to go away in spite of efforts? These are all signs of gum disease and it’s time you schedule an appointment with your nearest dentist.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease or periodontal diseases is an infection that affects the support system of your teeth i.e. jawbones and gums. According to Katy dentist, the infection can lead to more complications than just the bad breath if you leave it untreated. It is common for people to ignore any gum issues which lead to serious consequences. When the gum disease progresses it can damage your jawbone and lead to gum recession. Because of root exposure and lack of support, you may face tooth loss. It has been shown in a study that one of the leading causes of tooth loss in American adults is gum diseases, says dentist in 77450.

Preventing Gum Disease

It’s important to prevent the gum disease form happening by taking proper care. One of the first things you can do towards preventive care is scheduling regular appointments with dentist. During your bi-annual visits, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums for any issues such as tooth decay, oral cancer, or gum diseases. When the dentist detects any issue during the early stage, the treatment becomes easy and effective. During dental cleaning, the plaque will be removed which is a major contributor of gum diseases, says dentist in Katy TX.

Treating Gum Disease

If the gum disease is detected at an early stage, known as gingivitis, it can be managed with professional cleaning and improvements in the brushing and flossing routine. If the case is more advanced, known as periodontitis disease, a deep cleaning will be required for removing the plaque below gum line. The dentist may also give an antibiotic to fight the infection. Some severe cases of periodontitis may even require surgery. They are very rare.