Are You Experiencing These 3 Signs? You Might Need a Root Canal!

Are You Experiencing These 3 Signs? You Might Need a Root Canal!

May 01, 2019

If you need a root canal or not is sometimes very confusing. However, if you suspect that you need a root canal therapy, you should contact the dentist near 77450. Whether you need a root canal or not, it’s important to see the dentist because in case if you need the treatment, it is better to get it done before the damage escalates further. Acting fast can help in saving your tooth. It’s important to restore and repair the natural teeth whenever possible. Root canal is less invasive and less expensive than getting your tooth replaced.

Here Are 3 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal:

1. Tooth Pain

The Katy dentist says that tooth pain is a sign that it needs professional attention from your dentist. Toothaches can get worse with the passage of time. Some ties they can even come and go. It is important to remember that tooth pain seldom goes away on its own and you need dental help for addressing the pain. Waiting for the pain to become severe is never a good approach.

2. Facial, Gum, or Jaw Swelling

You need a root canal treatment as your tooth is infected. One of the common signs associated with infection is inflammation. Swelling in your gum tissues, jaw, or face is also a sign of some type of infection. The dentist in Katy TX will evaluate a dental x-ray for identifying the location of the infection so that the dentist can take appropriate action with the best treatment.

3. A Fistula (Pimple) on Your Gums

A fistula looks like a pimple and provides a drainage outlet for pus associated with infection. While a fistula can often prevent severe swellings and pain, the infection still exists inside the bone. Root canal therapy is one way of eliminating the bacteria and infection and allowing your body to heal. This is highly effective in most cases and within a few weeks, the tooth becomes infection free. Root canal can help in saving the tooth and giving it a new life.