5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist Now

5 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist Now

Jun 25, 2019

A dental emergency can happen at any time without warning. A person may be playing a game, riding a horse, or may slip while climbing the stairs, resulting in knocking out or chipping the teeth. Irrespective of the reason for your tooth damage, it makes for a dental emergency and you must see the dentist in 77450 as early as possible.

Lost tooth

If you or a loved one has lost tooth, the person is a candidate for emergency dental care. If there is any scope of saving the tooth, the dentist will reattach it to the socket. However, this can be done only within an hour or two of losing the tooth. Thus, you must preserve the knocked-out tooth in a bowl of cold milk or water so that the dentist can try to attach it to its place.

Chipped tooth

The Katy dentist near me says that a chipped tooth is a universal dental emergency. Small chips can happen due to chewing hard foods. While the person might be embarrassed because of their chipped tooth, it can be easily fixed with the help of a crown, bond, or veneer.

Broken tooth

A broken tooth is more serious than a chipped tooth and when a tooth breaks, it might be because of a tiny or hidden chip. There are chances that you may experience severe pain and discomfort.

Something stuck

When something gets stuck in your teeth, it is considered as dental emergency. Even a piece of food lodged in the wrong place can cause a dental emergency. When something gets stuck deep in a crevice, it can lead to inflammation and pain.

Lost filling

According to the dentist in Katy, TX, the loss of a filling happens more often than we can think of. When someone loses a filling, they need to receive emergency care by visiting the dentist as early as possible. If emergency care is not given, further damage can incur to the tooth.

Dental emergencies, if not treated on time can lead to serious issues.