3 Reasons You Need a Denture or Implant After a Tooth Loss

3 Reasons You Need a Denture or Implant After a Tooth Loss

Nov 07, 2018

When you are a kid, it can be profitable and fun to lose a tooth. But, as you get older, the loss is more of a burden. Fortunately, there are ways to replace missing teeth. Tooth replacement with both dentures or implants provide important benefits. You can restore mouth function, aesthetic appeal, oral health, and more.

Implants and Dentures Help You Eat and Talk

Missing teeth can impact your life in a variety of ways, particularly how you eat and speak. Even a single lost tooth can make it difficult to chew or pronounce words correctly. Implants and dentures can replace one or more teeth so you can enjoy your favorite foods and not be shy about talking to people.

Implants and Dentures Restore Your Smile

Obviously, tooth loss creates gaps in your smile that can make you feel self-conscious. Whether you are missing a front tooth or one on the bottom, you may avoid socializing, talking to others and smiling. Today, dentures, and implants are very natural looking. Only you and your dentist will know for sure that you have replacement teeth.

Tooth Implants Preserve Healthy Bone

It is important to replace missing teeth for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Every tooth serves a role in your mouth. Each is rooted in the underlying bone, keeping it strong and stimulated. When you lose a tooth, the bone in that area starts to deteriorate.

Dental implants not only replace a missing tooth with a crown, but a prosthetic root is also placed so the bone continues to be stimulated. Implants provide the necessary support to prevent bone loss and protect your oral health.

After Tooth Loss Call Your Dentist Immediately

After experiencing tooth loss you must visit your Katy dentist so the lost tooth can be efficiently replaced with a denture or implant. At OneBrilliant Dental our leading implant dentist has many years of experience helping patients reconstruct their smiles. Call our Katy dental office at 281-720-8090 today to make your appointment and give your teeth the care they need